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  1. €6.00Crispy Lotus SaladCucumber, cherry tomatoes, onion, chilli, radish, coriander, mix leaves in light lemongrass vinaigrette dressing.
  2. €6.00Thai Calamari Spices fried calamari with peppercorn ginger dressing.
  3. €6.00Chicken WingsMatchstick chicken wings with sweet chilli sauce.
  4. €6.00Porpia Bpet TodCrispy duck spring roll, sweet chilli.
  5. €6.50Satay GaiMarinated chicken breast with peanut sauce.
  6. €6.50Pandan ChickenMarinated in garlic, coriander roots, ginger; wrapped in pandan leaves with soy & sesame dipping sauce.


  1. €12.00Green Chicken CurryGrilled chicken, chilli, Thai aubergine, bamboo shoots, green vegetables & baby corn.
  2. €12.00Yellow Vegetable Curry Thai aubergine, baby corn, tofu, long beans, bamboo shoots, straw mushrooms, potatoes.
  3. €13.00Yellow Fish CurryWith cod, salmon, smoked haddock, calamari, mussels, prawns, pea aubergine, cherry tomatoes, baby corn, green beans & bamboo shoots.
  4. €13.00Red Beef Currywith pea aubergine, baby corn, bamboo shoot, cherry tomatoes, green beans, mangetout.
  5. €13.00King Prawn Yellow CurryGarlic, ginger, baby corn, mangetout, cherry tomatoes, bamboo shoot & green beans.


  1. €12.00Pad Kar ProwPork strips, long beans, mangetout, onion, chilli, holy basil and fried egg.
  2. €13.00Nuea Pad KhingBeef strips, broccoli, onion, baby corn, scallion, ginger, sliced chilli, wild mushrooms.
  3. €12.00Chicken Cashew NutsBaby corn, cashew, scallion, water chestnut. wild mushrooms, onion & dried chilli.
  4. €12.00TofuThai green vegetables, straw mushrooms, beansprout & chilli.
  5. €12.00Gai Pad PrikStir fried chicken with red curry paste, scallions, green beans, red onion & fresh holy basil.
  6. €13.00Chilli Prawn & VegetableKing Prawn with fresh seasonal vegetable, asparagus, chilli & holy basil.


  1. €13.00Tom Yam GoongThai mushroom, sour broth, vermicelli with prawns, chilli & baby corn.
  2. €12.00Tom Kha KalGalangal, lime leaf, rice noodle serve in coconut creamy soup with chicken, lemongrass, straw mushroom drizzled with sambal oil.
  3. €13.00Fer Pho Bo KarStir fry beef strips, rice noodles in spicy beef broth & asian vegetables.


  1. €12.00Classic Chicken Pad ThaiChicken, rice noodle, tofu, scallions, carrots, egg, beansprout, garnished with dried shrimp, crushed peanut & lime.
  2. €13.00Classic Prawn Pad ThaiPrawn, rice noodle, tofu, scallions, carrots, egg, beansprout, garnished with dried shrimp, crushed peanut & lime.
  3. €12.00Pad Se LewPork Strips, Thai green vegetables, egg, keoteow, Thai soya sauce.
  4. €13.00Pad Kei Mao TalayPrawn, squid, mussels, thai green peppercorn, basil, chilli, baby corn & keoteow.


  1. €12.00Spicy Chicken FilletWith crunchy apple, mix leaves, peanuts, chilli, onion, cherry tomato in nam pla dressing.
  2. €13.00Roasted Duck SaladBaby leaves, spring onion, chilli, cucumber, radish, coriander, shallots, tomatoes, spicy lime dressing & tossed sesame seed.


  1. €12.00Khao Pad Chicken RiceThai fried rice, tomatoes, broccoli, scallions, beans, mangetout, carrots, egg & chilli.
  2. €12.00Pineapple Fried RicePork fillet, scallions, chilli, pineapple, cashew nuts, green, asian vegetable & egg.
  3. €13.00Prawn & Crab Meat Fried Rice King prawn, shredded crab meat, lime leaves, egg, baby corn, carrots, scallions, mangetout, onion, green beans, sliced chilli.
  4. €12.00Jai Khao Pad RiceBroccoli, mangetout, scallions, mushroom, baby corn, tofu, asparagus & beansprout.


  1. €15.00Kuala Lumpur Nasi Goreng Malaysian spicy fried rice with prawns, chicken, chilli paste, mixed vegetables served with chicken satay, topped with fried egg & prawn crackers.
  2. €15.00Mee Goreeng MamakSingapore style egg noodle, tossed with prawns, chicken in medium spicy sauce, egg, potato, cherry tomatoes, scallion, beansprout, garnish with Thai prawn crackers.
  3. €15.00Red Duck CurryPea, aubergine, baby corn, long beans, bamboo shoots, lime leaves, cherry tomatoes.
  4. €15.00Asian Style Crispy Roast DuckSliced half duck cooked to perfection in tamarind sauce and Asian vegetables.


  1. €5.00Aroi Green VegetableStir fried broccoli, bean, mangetout, asparagus, bok choy, garlic and ginger.
  2. €3.00Thai Style Prawn Crackers
  3. €3.00Steamed Jasmine Rice
  4. €3.00Healthy Brown Rice
  5. €3.00Rice Noodles
  6. €3.50Pad MeeYellow egg noodles, beansprout, soya sauce.

Soft Drinks

  1. €3.00Fentimans Ginger Beer
  2. €3.00Coconut Water
  3. €3.00Coconut Juice
  4. €2.50Coke
  5. €2.50Diet Coke
  6. €2.507 Up
  7. €3.00Sparkling Organic Cranberry
  8. €3.00Sparkling Organic Ginger
  9. €3.00Sparkling Organic Elderflower
  10. €2.50Acqua Panna
  11. €2.50San Pellegrino


  1. €3.50Carrot, apple, celery, vanilla
  2. €3.50Coconut, carrot & orange
  3. €3.50Mango, passionfruit & orange


  1. €22.00Saunignon Blanc MacabeoSpain (abv 11.5%)
  2. €22.00Pinot GrigoItaly (abv 11.5%)
  3. €26.00ChardonnayAustralia (abv 13.5%)


  1. €26.00Tempranillo Syrah CabernetSpain (abv 12.5%)
  2. €22.00MerlotChile (abv 14%)
  3. €26.00Malbec Argentina (abv 13.5%)


  1. €29.00Prosecco Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G


  1. €5.50Singha Thailand (abv 6%)
  2. €5.50Tiger Singapore (abv 5%)
  3. €5.50Chang Thailand (abv 5%)

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